and forget this lost Lenore!

When you find the perfect Christmas present for someone but then you remember ‘Right, he broke up with me.’
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My life will be complete if Sebastian comments on them doing whistle in front of Blaine.

I just wants my Seblaine. 

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Little Numbers Prompt #3


spinmybowtie prompted: Bradshaw gets sick on a day when Blaine is out for a while, and Kurt is at home with him, freaking out and not totally sure what to do


How’s my lonely boy?

Why me? Why now? 

You’re at Blaine’s apartment.

That’s all it takes for you to call people “lonely boy”?!

It’s the Upper West Side vibe around this time of year. That and you’re… well… lonely.

I’m not. I’ve got 24 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and a furry friend.

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the warblers + first appearances

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